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We are committed to providing reliable products for food safety performance and value-added solution.

We are global product provider of FLEXIBLE PACKAGING OF PLASTIC and specific solution that continue to increase customer value.

We are committed for timely delivering of services, Reducing the negative impact from our process on the food safety & reducing the risk from working area.

We are committed to continuously improvement in whole process on Food safety Management System.

We shall comply to fulfil the legal requirements, Standard Requirements and Client’s specific requirements for Food safety Management System.

We shall determine/Assess the Food Safety Hazard and reduce it significant impact on food product.

We shall determine the Food safety hazard of product and improve.

Having employees training aimed at raising qualifications and making them aware of the important role they play in the organization regarding Food safety & HACCP & Food Safety Policy.

We shall determine all the relevant requirements to meet our set goals and objective in a significant manner regarding enhancement of Food Safety Management System.

We shall determine & fulfil all the needs and expectations of interested parties.