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Noor Enterprises went into production just over decades ago and today is enjoying a reputable position in plastic market of Pakistan. Noor Enterprises has succeeded in playing itself among leading Plastic Manufacturers of Pakistan in considerably less span of time through its efficient Manufacturing practices.

Plastics have step-changed life styles & conveniences in home cutting across every strata of society – from refrigerators to mixies; from washing machines to water filters; from the ubiquitous bucket to thermoware. Making life easier better & happier for the housewife. And of course the happy healthy family.

World demand for plastic caps and closures is projected to increase 4.8% annually to 944 billion units in 2014, the fastest projected growth rate of the major closure materials. Mirroring this trend the market for plastics is set to continue its year-on-year double digit growth. With competition intensifying and evolving technological developments, plastics caps and closures, the largest product type has become ever more important in an increasingly crowded market.

There is a lot of contributions of plastic in human lives, it provides many equipments that are used in hospitals, and also as an alternative cheaper source of raw materials. it is very important because plastics are part of our daily lives.